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At St Matthew's we are building a team to be able to offer support to those who are recently bereaved and those who have been bereaved some time ago.   We are aware from our own experiences that in the same way that we are all unique, we each experience the death of a loved one in different ways.    There is no one way to grieve.  However there are patterns and similarities which mean that we can reach out to help and to offer support and especially a listening ear.

How might we help?

We are running the Bereavement Journey Course once again starting in April 2023  and hope to run it again in the autumn.  If you would like to know more about this then please contact Susan Kang on 07745 795395 and see below for more details. 

We hold a Bereavement Cafe on the fourth Wednesday of each month 10 for 10.30am - more details from  Susan Kang or just come along.

We  also have a  Bereavement Walking Group on the second Wednesday of each month starting at 10am with optional refreshments back at our Balance Cafe about an hour later.  For more details on the walking group please call Sue O'Hagan on 07907 184018.

All these events (including the Course) are free of charge.  

If you are bereaved and would like support then please call Susan on the number above or Rev Helen Hancock on 020 8390 3829.

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